Tolerance Stackup Analysis Software

ToleranceCalc® is a standalone software wizard that enables users of any popular CAD application to verify effects of 1D/2D tolerance stack-up on critical part or assembly features with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy at any stage of the product development process.

ToleranceCalc works directly with CAD geometry without the need of "mathematically re-describing" the problem - it eliminates tedious and error-prone manual entries of nominal values. ToleranceCalc concurrently performs 1D/2D Monte Carlo statistical, min/max, worst-case, and sorted "percent contribution" sensitivity analysis.

ToleranceCalc enables you to

  • Analyze models for their statistical variation, sigma quality, individual dimension contributions, and sensitivities.
  • Mediate between tolerances related requirements and manufacturing capabilities earlier in the design process.
  • Improve design for manufacturability, reduce time-to-market, increase product quality, and control costs more effectively.

Best of all, ToleranceCalc does not require any specialized knowledge of dimensional engineering or statistical tolerance analysis. Which means ToleranceCalc can be used by all members of design team at any time during the product development process to participate in total quality management.

ToleranceCalc key features

  • Accurate - Works directly with CAD geometry
  • Affordable - Priced to justify for every member of design team
  • Compatible - Works with all popular CAD applications
  • Fast - Results are available in seconds
  • Versatile - Performs Tolerance as well as Producibility analysis
Watch ToleranceCalc
In Action.
1D Analysis (3.55 minutes)
2D Analysis (4.53 minutes)
Producibility Analysis (3.25 minutes)

More Information

"ToleranceCalc Works. It is easy to learn and easier to use".

Dr. Joel Orr
CAD Industry Visionary

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