Tolerance Stackup Analysis Made Easy
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ToleranceCalc is a groundbreaking 1D/2D tolerance stack-up analysis wizard that enables users to analyze the effects of dimensional variations in any CAD part or assembly at any stage of product development process with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

With ToleranceCalc you can perform quick and easy tolerance stack-up analysis for informed mediation between design tolerance requirements and manufacturing process capabilities - this can help you to significantly reduce downstream rework and redesigns.

Best of all, ToleranceCalc does not require any specialized knowledge of dimensional engineering. Which means all members of product development team can use ToleranceCalc to participate in achieving total product quality goals.

ToleranceCalc can be used in conjunction with any DXF compliant CAD application on any computer running Windows (any version).

"ToleranceCalc Works. It is easy to learn and easier to use".

Dr. Joel Orr
CAD Industry Visionary

Top 7 reasons to use ToleranceCalc

  1. Accurate - Works directly with CAD geometry
  2. Affordable - Priced to justify for every member of design team
  3. Available - Can be used at any stage of product development process
  4. Compatible - Works with all popular CAD applications
  5. Complete - Performs statistical, min/max/worst, and contributor sensitivity analysis
  6. Easy - Just enter tolerances and click a button
  7. Fast - Results available in seconds

CAD Tolerance Analysis Made Easy As Spell Checking!